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Digital Health in The Fight Against Alzheimer's Disease
Info of the Day: "Remote Monitoring: Tech Interviewing the Patient”
Info of the Day: The "IONM in Parotidectomy”
Info of the Day: The "TCeMEP and Indicated Surgeries
Info of the Day: The "SSEP Pathways”
Info of the Day: The "Motor Evoked Potentials (MEPs) - Cases of Movement”
Paper of the Day: Deep Brain Stimulation and Microelectrode Recording for the Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease.
Paper of the Day: Impact of inhalational anesthetic agents on the baseline monitorability of motor evoked potentials during spine surgery: a review of 22,755 cervical and lumbar procedures.
Paper of the Day: Malpractice litigation in elective lumbar spinal fusion: a comprehensive review of reported legal claims in the U.S. in the past 50 years.