Basics of Virtual Residency Interview - How to Shine on Zoom

Important tips that every residency applicant should know to shine on their virtual interview. Tips include ways to improve the quality of audio, video, lighting as well as framing.

Basics of Virtual Residency Interview - How to Shine on Zoom
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Oct 13, 2021
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Basics of Virtual Residency Interview

How to Shine on Zoom!


  • No traveling
  • Favors Introverts
  • More interviews!


  • Less engagement
  • Favors extroverts
  • Shorter

Learn Zoom basics

Switch to one-on-one view - Rather than Side-by-Side
  • Practice with friends
    • Especially breakout rooms again practice
  • Internet connection
  • Have a backup device ready
  • Have a backup internet connection
    • In some countries cellular has better reliability
    • Most cellular connection are good enough

Basics of Online Video - "ALF-E"

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A- Audio



EYE Contact!

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  • Audio is more important that Video
  • People will forgive bad video - But audio will ruin your interview
  • Make sure there is no background hissing noise
  • Use wired "earbuds" if possible decrease echo
  • Bluetooth add latency
Check your "Microphone" if not clear get one!
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Razer Seiren Mini USB Streaming Microphone: Precise Supercardioid Pickup Pattern - Professional Recording Quality - Ultra-Compact Build - Heavy-Duty Tilting Stand - Shock Resistant - Classic Black

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  • It is not about the camera; it is about lighting
  • A light is more important than a professional camera
  • Get a Simple light that directly shines on to your face
  • Find a brightly lit room
Background should be boring! [You need to be the center of attention]


  • Framing is the key to communicate body language
  • 1.5 - 2 inch above the head as dead space
  • Make sure you elbows show
  • Upto Navel
❌ Incorrect
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✅ Correct
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Eye contact

  • No Special Camera needed
  • It is hard on the Zoom
  • Adjust the Zoom window to One Fourth of the Size and place it under the Camera
  • Practice! Practice! Practice!
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Do this!


  • I prefer to keep a notepad and pen in my hand
    • Write keyword of the question down
    • Prepares you mentally to answer question precisely


  • Pause before you answer
    • To confirm the question is completely asked
    • To formulate an answer
  • Apologize for the interruption (it happens!)
Responsible = Response + Able

Smile 😄
A = Audio; L= Lighting, F= Framing
Eye contact!
Backup device/internet connection

Junaid Kalia MD

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Junaid Kalia MD

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