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January 2022 Edition of Learn Digital Healthcare from AINeuroCare Academy

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Jan 27, 2022
Jan 2022 Edition of Learn Digital Healthcare from AINeuroCare Academy

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  • Digital medicine and the curse of dimensionality - Read More
  • Privacy-first health research with federated learning - Read More
  • Regulating AI in medicine in the United States and Europe - Read More
  • Synthetic data in machine learning for medicine and healthcare - Read More
  • Artificial intelligence sepsis prediction algorithm learns to say “I don’t know” - Read More
  • Guidelines and quality criteria for artificial intelligence-based prediction models in healthcare: a scoping review - Read More
  • Understanding, explaining, and utilizing medical artificial intelligence - Read More
  • Clinical impact and quality of randomized controlled trials involving interventions evaluating artificial intelligence prediction tools: a systematic review - Read More
  • A healthy debate: Exploring the views of medical doctors on the ethics of artificial intelligence - Read More

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