Why create Neurologypocketbook.com

The purpose of Neurology Pocketbook is to provide an open-access and continuously updated reference guide for busy clinicians to keep up with the updates. There is a rapid influx of data & knowledge and it's crucial to keep us updated with the new clinical practices.

Ready to Publish
Ready to Publish
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Publish Date
Oct 14, 2021
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Why create Neurologypocketbook.com

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Digital Tranformation
  • MOOC
  • Virtualized
  • Remote
Guiding the Next Generation Of Neurologist Through Digital Transformation
Mobile First
Core Features
Digital Content

Why and who should contribute?

Learning how to learn (Meta-learning) is the only skill you need!
  • Intentional Learning
  • Contextual & Multi-format
  • Show your Work!

Consume creatively and Intentionally

  • Assimilate, evaluate & summarize clinical evidence
    • Essence of continued learning
  • Learn more than medicine
    • Modern Digital Tools
    • Project Management
    • Mentor others

Create effectively

  • Best way to learn is teach!
    • You are effectively teaching


  • Letter of Recommendation
    • Should not be the goal
    • However, I do on occasion write for people specifically people that show abilities beyond just writing a book chapter


  • Great community & network
    • Share resources


  • Show your Work!
    • Online webpage with permanent link
    • Control your online narrative and reputation
    • Active community on social media

Why choose Notion as a platform

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Shoutout to MDX.ONE creator Bhanu Teja P & Sev Estil
Publishing platform
Project management
Pocketable convenience
Check out the Notion Guide

Publishing Platform

  • Essentially a website

Project Management

  • Built-in Project management
    • Granular control of page/s
      • Add and remove participants
    • Ability to see progress
    • Comments

Pocketable Convenience

  • Mobile version is beautifully rendered
  • Convenience, never underestimate the value of convenience

Creator Corner

  • Ability for authors to have there own personal page

Passion Digitized

  • I wanted to teach digital productivity tools as well

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