Future of Hospitals

With the advent of healthcare 4.0 and digital transformation, the market has radically shifted towards virtual care and remote patient monitoring. This shift in the care environment has raised one important question, i.e. “What will be the new use case of hospitals?”

Future of Hospitals
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Dec 29, 2021
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One of the wishes of adult patients is to get treatment in a home care setting and to age and die gracefully within their homes. This has radically shifted the market towards virtual care & remote patient monitoring.

Shifting Care Environment

The chart attached below depicts that the future care environment will be dominated by home and digital care (virtual care, telemedicine, etc.), whereas ambulatory care will be down from 80% to 30% and acute care from 15% to 5%.
So, it’s important to consider those avenues in our sub-specialty where we can provide care virtually or at home.
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Hospital Need a New "Use Case"

“Shift in care settings” is more important than ever: Value-based care is coming, and hospital buildings need a new use.
“All of my investment now is in outpatient—anything that is not beds. Our ability to create that network outside the hospital is huge.” - CEO of a healthcare system
“The focus of the past 10 years has been on preventing readmissions, and now in the next 10 years, the focus will be on preventing admissions.” - President of a health system
“Our mission is to provide health care to the community. If we can deliver care to the community in a better-quality manner that is less capital intensive, then that is better for our fiduciary commitment to the community.” - Population health executive of a health system


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